I have asked people on more than one occasion if my blogging is ridiculous. It’s just me talking about whatever strikes me. They tell me it isn’t. I’m skeptical. But, I’m happy to report that whatever I am saying seems to be resonating. One of my poems has been picked up for use by a counselor in Nevada specializing in sexuality and abuse. One of my blogs is of interest for someone who teaches a class about the intersection of writing and motherhood. Two additional pieces are being incorporated into a local domestic violence program so that women participating know, beyond any doubt, that they are not alone in this world.

Each year one of my children chooses a quote about family for a frame in our family room. The first year in our home my youngest chose a Dr. Suess quote from “Horton Hears a Who” which is “a person’s a person…no matter how small.” In that story, one small voice made all the difference.

Can you hear me?

courageChristine Lasher