Queen of Selfies


What must your life be? It appears to those of us watching you pretend not to struggle that the only important thing for you is to manipulate lighting and angle to reduce the size of your hips.  Up.  And to the left.

You feign quirky and hallow your cheekbones with a tilt of your chin or some weird pursed lips.  There. Got it.



It took you 27 tries and you missed so much joy on the street that day - a first kiss, late morning light through the stained glass, the laugh of a newborn happening all around you at that very minute; but you will never even know this.  That moment is gone for good.  Several heartbeats less.

#nofilter ~ #my-ass.  Nobody’s skin is that translucent.  Unless, of course, they have ceased to exist which may be the case here since every waking moment is spent memorializing a life that isn’t happening because you’re too busy fabricating one.

Peace sign.

Hands on the knees.

A little more cleavage.

Even the mundane becomes a prop to your make believe life.  Red lipstick.  A recycled coffee container. Flowers.  A room full of people who do not see you but rather just the back of your head.  Your quest is for six "likes" on Facebook because you were 'there' when, in fact, you really weren't.

This one is me.  Wondering about you.  No makeup. Hair in a ponytail; gray woven in without apology.  Reading glasses. Struggling to snap even this one because I would rather be writing, creating, loving, dancing, observing....living.

One shot. Terminal 2 at JFK. Filter = "Lucky".  Because I am.

What must your life be?

Sadly, if you don't put the iPhone down soon...it never will be.