GEVA: Thanks, Frank!


I haven’t been able to make it to a Geva rehearsal in a few days now. But, I’m so glad to get the stage manager’s notes so that at least I have a feel for what is going on in the room. I have decided that I chose the wrong career. Case in point:

  • Line from my first email of the day: “Urgent! Please review the refreshed version of the (blah, blah, blah) datasheet for business approval and provide background and justification.”

  • Line about the characters from the stage manager’s rehearsal notes: “We’re definitely consuming a lot of wine. Do we think these people always drink something white?"

So, as a case study, I am going to interject a few of Frank’s masterpieces during my day tomorrow:

  • As I get the call underway at 5:00am to discuss the revisions the other team sent on the Operating Level Agreement I will simply ask: “Did the Pepto Bismol come from you folks (too)? We’ll need a spoon to go with it."

  • During the extended staff meeting, I'm sure the Director will have questions about resources needed to support the program. I will simply tell him “Please add 1 cigarette for the convict bookseller” and “a vampire killer stake”.

  • My immediate team is gathering to discuss the outcome of our presentation to the Vice President last week. My contribution will be “…we can expect mayhem and/or a mess after (she) freaks out.”

  • During our Sales Readiness brainstorming session I will be sure to ask “… (are there) other solutions for this besides them working in their underwear?"

  • And, finally, in response to the tips of my hair being dyed every color in the book these last two months I’m sure that someone on my team will finally demand the following: “Can (Lasher’s) convict do-rag be rigged so (she) can just stick it on (her) head without tying it?”

A million thanks, Frank. You just made everyone’s day much more interesting.

Geva Rehearsal

Geva Rehearsal