Everything and Nothing At All


I love the simplicity of children and their ability to cut through the bullshit. For years I have struggled with both depression and anxiety; one or the other depending upon my specific life circumstances. I could never quite find words to adequately describe either one in a way that would help those around me to fully understand.

My daughter has also struggled with each and said with simplicity: “Depression is when you don’t feel anything at all. And anxiety is when you feel absolutely everything.”

There it is.

We talked about how painful depression is until you reach that dangerous point that you truly are not feeling anything anymore. Then it becomes excruciating to those around you.

And how anxiety reaches its worst when you feel every little thing; every noise, every rumble, every mood. To the world you are engaged and animated again and those around you are set at ease. But, to you? It is excruciating.

Simple thoughts for the day as you find compassion for those in your life who struggle with either; or both.