A Little Bit of Lasher


I love the smell of talcum powder, especially when nestled in a baby’s soft neck just after a bath.  One thing that I wish I had more of are boots….lots of boots…a room FULL of boots.  Especially the Western kind that yield with kindness like a lover who knows what he’s doing. I enjoy speckled light cast through leaves on a walk through the woods in the summer, and the sound of a nearby creek or river.  But I never feel more at peace then when I am at the ocean where my insignificance in the magnitude of this world is clear and I am free to just ‘be’. I believe that popcorn should be a food group and winter should be relegated to two days or less every year.  I love giggles.  All giggles…but especially the throaty-from-the-bottom-of-your-toes kind of giggles that start small and roll in like a tsunami.  I feel most at ease in denim overalls or old jeans with patches. And, for the most part, I can’t be bothered with making my hair look right.  In fact, the wronger the better.  I sleep on my side with my hands curled under my chin and with a teddy bear still.  I love warm fuzzy blankets. If I were any particular creature, it would likely be a hummingbird that does the impossible while making it look effortless.  And I would be a vibrant coral and robin’s egg blue. I ‘feel’ people differently than others.  Their energy shouts or sings to me and determines how close I am willing to stand to them.  I don’t like to get my hands dirty when I eat, but I love charcoals and paints all over them when I create.  I am a watcher – clouds, stars, people, and, and, and… – it activates my imagination and connection with the world around me.  The thing that soothes me most in the world is having the palm of my hand tickled gently. A warm brownie with ice cream is my favorite dessert.  It gives me heartburn.  I eat it anyway.  And I love the earthy smell of a campfire until it follows me to bed in my long hair.  And what I need the most is to be loved.  And touched.  And treated with kindness and decency.  And I can finally write again because I am finally quiet again in my heart and in my head ~ or at least I’m headed there.  In short, I am making room in my life again for me.  Simply me.

More on Lasher later.  Everything in moderation.

OBS Sunrise Day2 (10)

OBS Sunrise Day2 (10)

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